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> Dear Folks:
>       My version of  gcc  doesn't work (reports errors in code that
> compiles elsewhere).  Where can I go to download a later version of
> GNU  code for  gcc  &  gdb  suitable for a  FreeBSD  system?  I went
> to the  GNU  site but all I found there was source code ( .c  &  .h ),
> useless without a working compiler.  Also, even if I had found a
> working binary,
> how would I know if it is for  FreeBSD ,  LINUX ,  Solaris , or some
> other system?
>       Are there inexpensive but good working commercial compilers
> suitable for a  FreeBSD  system?  If so, what are they and how can
> their distributors be contacted?  What about shareware or freeware?

Have a look through /usr/ports/devel

If you have a recent version of FreeBSD, it will have a recent
version of GCC, and will compile compliant code without trouble.
Since you provided no version information, nor errors, nor examples of
failing code, I can't speculate further.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.
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