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The one server that I have responsibility for (mailserver running FreeBSD 4.6) took awhile to get rewired properly. When it was yanked out, some of the internal cables were disconnected. Had to find the motherboard book to figure out how to set them back up properly. Once that was done, the machine came up and worked fine. However, its inlet fan was severly disfigured by the falling burning stuff. Since its at the bottom of the unit, the junk only marred the bottom of the frame. There were no electronics there for it to damage. The fan sounds funny now and I wouldn't trust it. However, the keyboard connector is now defective. You can't plug a keyboard into it. I couldn't find anything visibly wrong with it, it just doesn't work. I have no idea how that happened since there was a keyboard plugged in during the flooding. My only guess is that whoever unplugged it did so via the grab case and run method - leaving the keyboard to catch and disconnect itself.
If it's a PS/2 type keyboard connector (small plug) there is a plastic pin that often gets broken off and left in the socket if connectors are pulled out violently, blocking a new keyboard being inserted. (Seen it often with mice.) If this is so, I've had success getting them out by using 'blue tack' (a semi-adhesive goo used to hold the kids drawings on the wall) on the end of a matchstick to grab hold of it.

Sounds like this machine was lucky, though replace the fan when practical...

None of the MS servers survived. None had backups either. I suspect that will be a significant problem. However, I do have backups for the mail server and did recover the complete disk and dumped it to my laptop so that will be a simple restore.
Are they completely toast? Can the hard discs be pulled and tested in another machine? Failing that, companies do exist that specialise in data recovery in these situations. For a price. It depends how valuable the data is...

Oh... and, as my boss would say, it's an opportunity to sell them a backup solution....


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