On Wed, 2006-05-03 at 17:43 -0400, Robert Huff wrote:
>       As a result of installing new bits on my system, and paying
> attention to old ones, I've noticed several attempted break-ins
> which I currently believe have been unsucessful.
>       As I have the appropriate log files, I'd like to contact the
> administrators and ISPs for the systems involved.  Can someone
> recommend a good response boilerplate - something that's concise,
> informative, professional, friendly, and yet firm?
>                               Robert Huff

I'm sorry I can't. I did, however, want to interject my two cents
here ;-). From a non-professional (i.e. student) viewpoint, it's been my
experience that if I take the time to write a polite email, which
includes relevant bits from my log files, to the admin for the IP in
question asking them to look into it, they will usually take care of it.

I suppose the appropriate response to this sort of situation depends on
what your hosting. I run a web-server and SSH gateway for personal use,
so although extremely annoying, it wouldn't be any big loss for me if it
was cracked. 

I suppose you could always blacklist the domain in question, and see how
long it takes for anyone to complain ;-).\


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