Hi All,

  Actually I think I figured out the problem in the driver and I'm going
to test
this tomorrow.

  For those of you smart guys who like math, take a look at the following
change that was made in the driver CVS a couple years ago:


It looks like at the time the maintainer decided he didn't like all the
nasty magic numbers like 0x3F000F in the code and so replaced
it with some equally nasty macros pointing to other magic numbers,
plus some elaborate shifting of bits to try to generate the magic numbers
he eliminated from the magic numbers he created.

The only problem is that, for example, the bitwise ORing and
shifting he's doing is not going to convert 0x10, 0x13, and 0x0f into
0x3F000F  At least, none that I know about and I spent a couple hours
trying to figure out why he was doing what he did.  Maybe someone
out there can look at this section of code for me and see if they can
figure this out?

More importantly, the specific Broadcom chip (BCM5714) has an exception
in the Linux driver from Broadcom with it's own spechul magic number
different from the magic numbers used for the other chipsets, and
this isn't in the FreeBSD driver.


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>> You may get lucky and get a DL320 G4 that does not have the
>> specific Broadcom chip in it.
>not sure, but maybe you can specify at least the chipset you
>DON'T want in your order (hp should be able to figure it out
>using the serial#, and this no. is on the boxes.
>the order way would be: check for avail., ask your dealer(s) for
>some sn#'s for devices you want, let them check (or check on your
>own with hp for the chipset) and order the box (i guess at least
>a charge-no. should fit, they don't change the chips all 8hrs).
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