Recently my pgadmin started playing up.  Typing text into a query window 
doesn't work unless I type REALLY slow, otherwise it can't keep up and misses 
characters.  Here is "I probably shouldn't type so fast!" at my normal typing 

Irbal sol'ttyp fa!

It was definitely working before I installed Xorg 6.9 but I can't remember if 
it's worked since.  I'm running an old 6-STABLE and all the ports are up to  
date on my system.

Any idea what is causing this?



[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ pkg_version | grep -E 'xorg|pgadmin|kde'
kde                                 =
kdeaccessibility                    =
kdeadmin                            =
kdeartwork                          =
kdebase                             =
kdebase-kompmgr                     =
kdeedu                              =
kdegames                            =
kdegraphics                         =
kdegraphics-kuickshow               =
kdehier                             =
kdelibs                             =
kdemultimedia                       =
kdenetwork                          =
kdepim                              =
kdesdk                              =
kdesvn                              =
kdetoys                             =
kdeutils                            =
kdevelop                            =
kdewebdev                           =
pgadmin3                            =
xorg-clients                        =
xorg-documents                      =
xorg-fonts-100dpi                   =
xorg-fonts-75dpi                    =
xorg-fonts-encodings                =
xorg-fonts-miscbitmaps              =
xorg-fonts-truetype                 =
xorg-libraries                      =
xorg-manpages                       =
xorg-server                         =

"If you do it the stupid way, you will have to do it again"
  - Gregory Chudnovsky
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