i'm about to build a new system and obviously it would be nice if
everything worked nicely.  my plan is to one of the asus A8V
motherboards, but i've just spent a while reading nvidia forums and it
seems there aren't any amd64 drivers for freebsd, or even any plans to
release them.

i need to have direct rendering and dual head dvi.  in 2006, decent 3d
performance doesn't seem unreasonable, even if it is just to run a
swanky screen saver.  i've got an xfx geforce 6800GT sitting around
here that i'd like to use, but it seems this is currently impossible
on amd64.  it seems like a huge waste to run the i386 version on an
amd64 machine, but can anyone comment on the performance difference?

my hope is to build a freebsd based video editing workstation using
kino and friends.  if nvidia aren't supporting freebsd on amd64, are
there any other options?

any help gratefully recieved.


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