* Noah <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2006-05-04 05:48:40 -0800]:
> What are people using for their ftpd these days? I am looking for
> something easy to initiailize, configure, and is very secure.

Another vote for vsftpd:


Trivial to setup/configure, very secure.

In addition to all of the normal security features that vsftpd offers,
we turn on the pasv_min_port/pasv_max_port options to restrict the
download ports, it's a nice feature.

(I attended an Apache/FTP security lecture in the Bay Area a couple of
years ago (2002/2003) at one of the local user groups there -- the
speaker was "testing" out his talk on us before he gave it at some
Usenix/SAGE conference. The ftp portion was a howto on securing wu-ftpd,
but before he started, he said point blank that if you didn't need
anonymous uploads, to just use vsftpd.)


N.J. Thomas
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