On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 01:54:37PM -0400, Sean wrote:
> I just added a DVD burner to my system and am trying to figure out how 
> to setup the fstab.
> The device is showing up on acd1 but what file system type should be 
> specified?

This is typical of what sysinstall writes if a CD/DVD is found during

/dev/acd0      /cdrom      cd9660  ro,noauto       0 0 

The line isn't necessary, but it makes mounting optical media as simple
as "sudo mount /cdrom" and "sudo umount /cdrom" assuming your filesystem
is ISO-9660.

FreeBSD CD/DVD support isn't as "user friendly" as Irix or MacOS. Maybe
someone would like to create an Irix-like mediad to monitor the
attaching and removing of media, and to act appropriately on those
events? Haven't looked lately but possibly KDE and/or Gnome does this?

The Irix mediad daemon I so fondly remember launched appropriate
non-kernel userspace helpers as filesystem drivers. At least in the past
it was too easy to create a corrupt 9660 disc which panics the 9660
kernel driver. A crashed user process isn't as critical. And its not as
if any significant performance increase can be had with the code in the

And then while I'm wishful thinking, a mediad should control whether the
new disk (media) is to be privately mounted (say, in someone's
${HOME}/mount/), or publicly for everyone, added to webserver space,
NFS, and/or SMB exports.

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