Barnaby Scott wrote:
I am new to FreeBSD (or any other Unix operating system) but am very keen to make the switch. I have read as much as I can over the last couple of years, and am very nearly ready to ditch the various Windows versions on my network - however there is one Windows-only application I really cannot find a replacement for, and that is Rhino3D ( Looking at the CAD section of the ports collection does not offer any alternative that is at all comparable, so I fear I'm stuck with it.

I believe Rhino does not work with any Windows emulators either, so I imagined I had only 2 options left - have completely separate computers and retain Windows on one - no good because my desk is cluttered enough already, or to go for a dual-boot one - no good either as I would constantly be rebooting (or would in practice revert to Windows and never get to learn FreeBSD which is what I want to do!)

However, I don't mind having a Windows machine running somewhere on the network out of the way, but would want to use the keyboard, monitor and mouse attached to my FreeBSD machine. Does anyone know if it is possible in principle to drive a Windows program on a Windows machine, but from a Unix computer? If this is not an idiotic question, and this sort of thing is possible, where would I find some fairly idiot-proof instructions on how to set it up, or at least some reading to get me started?

I realise that a common bit of advice is to try stuff out and see, but if I cannot see a way forward, the time invloved in installing and learning FreeBSD would be very hard to justify, so please bear with me - I would be grateful for any advice at this stage.

I use rdesktop (/usr/ports/net/rdesktop) to control Win XP and
Win2k3 boxen, with good success, although I've had some trouble
with games and other things that want to directly control the video
hardware.  But I can't do these games with the built-in Windows
remote control either, so I'd guess that you'd be able to run
your software remotely with rdesktop (unless, as I said, it want
to take over the display hardware).  Of course, YMMV.

Kevin Kinsey

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