I have an old NT4 PIII here that has a pair Adaptec Array1000 Family
controllers with 2 pairs of identical drives on one of them (2 IBM 9GB
and 2 Seagate 35GB). From what I googled, *nix does not support the
controller, so I have removed the RAID arrays and loaded FreeBSD 6.0
onto the two IBM drives. Now, I wanted to mirror the other two for data
and looking for guidance as to whether it is first of all suited for
software RAID and if so, CCD or vinum. I am contemplating vinum because
the handbook mentions CCD is when cost is the important factor and for
me, is reliability. What would someone suggest? If vinum, one thing I
don't quite understand is do I create the partitions to be used in the
device? There doesn't seem to be a man for gvinum and the link to it in
the handbook section 19.6.1 is broken.

Thanks in advance.


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