Hello everyone,

  I'm on FreeBSD 4.8R
Latest sendmail is the default MTA, and latest Openwebmail is the webmail client.
  Quota has been enabled in my kernel
The problem is whenever I set the quota limit and configure openwebmail to read the unix quota limit, then it reads the limit of the account user which located in /home/user
  but ignores the /var/mail/user  limit.

yes there is away in openwebmail to makes it reads both /home/user and /var/mail/user
  but it will be seperated limits not as a total 1 box limit.

Is there away, script or any solution PLEASE to make the kernel quota reads the /home/user and adds to it /var/mail/user and the result comes as 1 size limit? 1 box limit?

a link in the user home directory to /var/mail/user will do it? How would we do this please.


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