Eric Dan wrote:
I actually backed up the ext3 to another hard drive and got rid of all
partitions and slices on that drive.
installer still can't do it.
the exact error says:
"unable to make new root file system on ad3sa1"
then i hit return and it says:
"couldn't make file system properly"

any ideas?

* Eric Dan ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
trying to install 6.1 on my secondary master partition or slice 2.
I come from linux so please be forgiving with the naming or slices and
i created a 40G slice on ad3 with fdisk, then with disklabel i created a
4g /    a 512M swap     and the rest for /home
i used the "S" option on the "/" partition.

You may need to drop some more assumptions that you are bringing from the Linux world -- you seem to be trying to manually impose "the Linux way" of dividing up the space, but that is really not what a typical FreeBSD partition/slice scheme looks like.

As long as you have essentially wiped the drive already, you can use the FreeBSD installer's "Auto Defaults" option to get a look at what the installer is expecting you to do, and then tune that as desired. On the FDISK screen, press A to use the whole disk, then on the Disklabel screen press A again for Auto Defaults.

Or, have a closer look at the handbook for more details,
(esp. figure 2-22)

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