Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:

I have an old NT4 PIII here that has a pair Adaptec Array1000 Family
controllers with 2 pairs of identical drives on one of them (2 IBM 9GB
and 2 Seagate 35GB). From what I googled, *nix does not support the
controller, so I have removed the RAID arrays and loaded FreeBSD 6.0
onto the two IBM drives. Now, I wanted to mirror the other two for data
and looking for guidance as to whether it is first of all suited for
software RAID and if so, CCD or vinum. I am contemplating vinum because
the handbook mentions CCD is when cost is the important factor and for
me, is reliability. What would someone suggest? If vinum, one thing I
don't quite understand is do I create the partitions to be used in the
device? There doesn't seem to be a man for gvinum and the link to it in
the handbook section 19.6.1 is broken.

Hi Robert,

I use gmirror(8) to setup RAID 1 volumes. I've used it successfully
with IDE, SCSI and SATA drives. It is very simple to setup and
administration is easy. If you only need RAID 1, then you should try
it out. Should you need RAID 5 and/or a fully fledged volume manager,
then vinum is the way.

I also wrote a document on gmirror(8) setup. If you're interested, I
can share it with you.


FYI: man page URLs



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