On 2006-05-05 10:45, Doug Hardie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have been building a cvs structure for a bunch of code and have
> a couple questions I have not been able to find answers to in the
> archives/documentation.  When you run ident on many FreeBSD modules
> you see the identifier "FreeBSD" used frequently.  It appears that
> cvs is properly updating the information in those entries, but I
> don't see how cvs is configured to make that happen.  FreeBSD is not
> one of the cvs recognized keywords.  I would like to use a unique
> keyword for my stuff. ident finds it fine in the files, but cvs does
> not update the version information.  I suspect that somehow I need
> to tell cvs about the keyword.

See this article for details of the FreeBSD CVS setup:


Part of this explains how our `cfg_local.pm' works and you can use a
similar trick for any custom $FreeBSD$-like keyword you want.

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