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I'm dealing with a situation where I'm migrating ppl over to using
X vs M$ Windows ... I'd like to be able to help them out remotely,
similar to how I can with VNC for Windows ...

Is there something similar for Unix that would allow me to
'piggyback' in such a way that they're X desktop is an xterm on my
machine, so that I can move their mouse around, show them the
steps to do something, etc?

I don't think one could use plain VNC (realvnc, tightvnc & such) to
move mouse on already running X session.  Please let me know if that
is possible.

Coming from a Linux background, There _is_ such support. There's one
called 'vino'
*  net-misc/vino
      Latest version available: 2.12.0
      Latest version installed: 2.12.0
      Size of downloaded files: 1,654 kB
      Homepage:    http://www.gnome.org/
      Description: An integrated VNC server for GNOME
      License:     GPL-2

which essentially does that. it connects to a running session.

Thanks for the additional data.

Looking at the dependency list, vino seems to be appropriate only
for those who have large part of gnome already installed.

That was what I found also, and I'm using KDE on our machines ... x11vnc seems to work well though, just installed it and can easily work with the remote machine ...

Thx ...

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