Security is no problem to me, but the problem that i'm most worried is my
budjet. If my laptop cant run wlan (for some weird reason that linux guy
couldnt even name) so all the effort would be worthless.

2006/5/7, albi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Lars Udo wrote:

> My desktop is FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE and laptop has NetBSD 3.0 with
> X & few apps just to survive if
> my desktop-pc is down. I'm planning to change into FreeNX if it gives
> advantage, but that would require to replace my laptop with freebsd as
> it is
> my favorite OS that has FreeNX client.
> Is it possible to keep up with this setup with changin all the wires
> wireless-future. If WAP/WEP is the problem, couldn i just leave it out
> use IPsec, or ssh instead? Or is WAP/WEP mandatory, or is it just enough
> i set tight firewall-rules on both ends of wlan with IPsec, so no one
> intrude into my system.

FreeNX uses ssh already, and you can enable SSL in it also, so it sounds
to me that it's a matter of restricting access from and to your wireless
(ip-address/mac-address e.g.)

(if you're really paranoid : WEP is cracked already, and certain setups
of WPA are also not so secure :-)

grtjs, albi
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