i remember when i first started using freebsd about 2 months ago, the first 
kernel i built, i did the ULE (at some articles recommendataion).  but, ive 
not done it since.  i guess i have been noticing a bit of lag on my system 
(amd 1800mhz 512rdram, u160 scsi raid0), but nothing unacceptable.

however, since i didnt have a problem with my first kernel that i did, and 
your positive response, i decided to go ahead and change out the specified 
scheduler in my kernconf, and let 'er rip.

is your system a desktop?  were your prevously running the same desktop 
configuration on the same box, with the 4BSD?  is the ULE scheduler suited 
for a server setup as well (my server is also SMP), or is this something that 
should be kept to a desktop?

jonathan horne

On Sunday 07 May 2006 04:43, Duane Whitty wrote:
> Hi,
> I decided to give the ULE scheduler a try  a while ago (April 28).
> when I last built 6-STABLE
> Anyhow it seems great.  I'm running a 2.4GHz Celeron with
> 512MB RAM and two 40GB, PATA disks.  Right now I'm running
> both a GNOME and a KDE session, I've got Thunderbird and
> Evolution open, Firefox is running and running well, and I'm
> updating the my local copy of the FreeBSD repository.  Oh yeah,
> I'm also running a DNS server, a Sendmail server, and SAMBA
> I can't believe how responsive everything is on this low-end machine
> I'm running.    Wow!  (And this with debugging turned on but no WITNESS
> or INVARIANTS turned on)
> Well time to rebuild the sources  :)
> dwpc@ /home/duane>uname -a
> FreeBSD dwpc.dwlabs.ca 6.1-RC FreeBSD 6.1-RC #0: Fri Apr 28 18:41:15 ADT
> 2006     [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/DWPC-KERNEL  i386
> Best Regards,
> Duane Whitty
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