martinko writes:

>  i've just upgraded X11 from 6.8.2 to 6.9.0 and run into the
>  following issue:

        I have had this:

>  if i scroll my mouse wheel too fast, i'm suddenly moving in history
>  instead of scrolling the page. one quick finger movement is enough to
>  trigger this. very annoying.

        happen for over a year using:

huff@>> usbdevs -v

  port 2 addr 3: low speed, power 100 mA, config 1, Microsoft
IntelliMouse® Explorer(0x0095), Microsoft(0x045e), rev 4.24 

        and XF86Config:

Section "InputDevice"
         Identifier  "Mouse0"
         Driver      "mouse"
         Option      "Device" "/dev/sysmouse"
         Option      "Protocol" "auto"
         Option      "Buttons" "7"
         Option      "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
         Option      "Emulate3Buttons"
         Option      "ChordMiddle"

                                Robert Huff

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