Vadim Vera wrote:
Hi list:

I'm trying to install Gnome 2.14.1 on my FreeBSD desktop (specifically 
gnome2-lite) via ports. I've browsed the NET and found all software sources 
needed to install it:

gnome2-lite-2.14.1 The "meta-port" of the GNOME desktop slimmed down for FreeBSD releases
Long description : Sources : Changes : Download
Maintained by: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Port: 
Also listed in: gnome Requires: ORBit2-2.14.0, aspell-0.60.4_3, atk-1.11.4, avahi-0.6.9_5, bitstream-vera-1.10_2, cairo-1.0.4, cdrtools-2.01_4, dbus-0.61_3, desktop-file-utils-0.11, djbfft-0.76_2, docbook-sk-4.1.2_3, docbook-xml-4.2_1, docbook-xsl-1.69.1_1, dvd+rw-tools-6.0_2, eel-2.14.1, eog-2.14.1, epiphany-2.14.1, esound-0.2.36_1, evince-0.5.2_2, expat-2.0.0_1, fileroller-2.14.2,1, firefox-,1, fontconfig-2.3.2_4,1, freetype2-2.1.10_3, gail-1.8.11, gamin-0.1.7_2, gcalctool-5.7.32,2

...the list continues.

So the problem is:

I'm not connected all the time so I can't wait for the Makefile to fetch the 
sources for me and opening link by link to see the sources will take me a life. 
I'm wondering in which way I can know all the URLs of the sources to download 
it with a download manager an port it manually later on the installation 

Might something like:
   portupgrade -NFR <pkg_name>
do the trick?

It will install a 'new' port (one not already on the system), fetch only, and grab dependencies as well.

You say your not connected all the time. But you could run the above command (or something similar I would think) when connected and it would grab a distfile and place it in /usr/ports/distfiles for you. If you don't finish while connected.... just run the command next time you are, and it will pick up where it left off.


Thanks in advance...

Cheers / Me.
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