I have a problem that I can't, so far find and answer to.
How do you reset the system clock after a power outage
has caused it to loose time?
I have a machine that went down a month or so ago and
since have noticed that the time stamp on such things
as mail to the root account, and log entries is way behind
what it should be.
The system is FreeBSD v6.0 and does not have Xwindows
installed on it. So I need to find out how to reset the clock
from the command line. I thought I could do it with sysinstall
but I don't see an option for actually setting the time,
only the time zone.
I presume that it is important, now, as I am running named
on it as a master server and I believe it is important that
it be in sync with the slave server running on another
machine that was off at the time of the outage.
I thought maybe the bios had something to do with it
but haven't seen a way to reset the time in the bios
Thanks for assistance in advance;

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