Trying to use WinSCP to connect using the ibsh shell. The logs in the
WinSCP program indicate 'Connection failed. Server sent command exit
status 0', but I cannot find anything in the FreeBSD logs. I am hoping
to find where my FreeBSD 6.0 box is trying to execute a command so I can
add it to the approved list of commands to run by the user.
The /var/log/auth.log only states...

May  8 09:21:28 files sshd[22864]: Accepted keyboard-interactive/pam for 
webtent from port 1130 ssh2
May  8 09:21:29 files sshd[22867]: subsystem request for sftp

While the /var/log/messages and /var/log/debug.log have nothing as a
result of the attempt to login. Is there anywhere else this may be
logging on why the session could not start?

Thanks in advance!

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