>> Is there any known issues or things to watch out for when doing the
>> latest php4 upgrade? The notes in the UPDATING file indicated a change
>> in the status of the .cli binary. If one has mod_php4 and the
>> php4-extensions already installed is the upgrade a smooth one?

> Mine seemed to go fine via portmanager after doing a make config in the
> php4 directory as UPDATING indicates to do. No issues so far that I have
> seen

Using portupgrade, i had to recompile all php4-* found in /var/db/pkg and
the dependancies.  All went well, except for the SSL support i use throuth
squirrelmail.  I use different knobs in the past in order to be able to
access imaps via squirrelmail, the last one was "WITH_OPENSSL_BASE".  But
according to the current ports/Mk/bsd.openssl.mk makefile, it seems
deprecated in favor of "WITH_OPENSSL_BASE=yes".  So i tried:
 # portupgrade -rRf -m 'WITH_OPENSSL_BASE=yes' squirrelmail
instead of:
 # portupgrade -rRf -m '-DWITH_OPENSSL_BASE' squirrelmail
without much success for the moment...

Julien Gabel.

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