some weeks ago there was an announcement which mentioned the new
BSDinstaller Beta2, which pointed to to this url :

i've downloaded the iso and tried it, and i started to realise how much
i like the current FreeBSD installer

what i miss in the beta2 of the BSDinstaller for FreeBSD is the following :

- change console-font
- set keyboard speed

but much much more important :

- there's no auto-defaults for partitioning
- there's not the nice option to correct the disc-geometry
- there are no post-install options afair

on top of this the partitioning-process itself was very confusing...

later i've tried dragonflyBSD (when i read that it's already using
BSDinstaller), and the partitioning-process was not confusing at all

also, the initial start-up colour reminded me very much of an
MS-WindowsNT install, is this done on purpose for some reason ?
(i like the blue and other colour-scheme from the old install better :)

so.. i hope that this feedback will be read, and i'm curious what other
people's experiences are

here are some more urls :

grtjs, albi
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