martinko wrote:

i've just upgraded from mozilla (1.7.12) to seamonkey (1.0.1) and
discovered the following issue:

there's WITH_CALENDAR make switch in the port which is/was supposed to
turn building of mozilla with calendar module. i've been happily using
it with mozilla suite. the switch is still in seamonkey's makefile but i
haven't got calendar module after compilation of the port. :-(

/note that i'm running seamonkey on freebsd 6.1-rc, after just
reinstalling all my ports from scratch./

any thoughts or suggestions pls ??

Check their site --- something jars my memory.  Any
chance they're "splitting off" the calendar under another

Just a guess,

Kevin Kinsey

Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know.
                -- Daniel J. Boorstin

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