Lennon Cook wrote:
> Stephanie Bridges <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I had the same problem with the mouse (would occasionally move the
>> cursor, never any clicks) until I accidentally got the receiver
>> closer to the mouse.  I now have the receiver about three inches
>> away from the mouse. Works wonderfully well now.
> Thanks Stephanie, but unfortunately that didn't help here. I
> have moved my receiver so close to the mouse that its hard to
> not bump them, but the mouse still doesn't work.
> What I have noticed since I sent my original message, is that
> /dev/sysmouse exists even when only the non-working mouse is
> connected nto the system. Does this mean that FreeBSD /is/
> detecting the mouse (and hence that I should be looking
> somewhere else than this list for the problem), or does that
> file simply always exist?


Do you have a /dev/ums0 (my usb mouse device)?  Also, even when my mouse
didn't really work, disconnecting/reconnecting the receiver from the usb
port (moving to another or leaving in the same port) would generate log
messages that the mouse was being recognized correctly.

I was assuming that /dev/sysmouse would only exist if the system thought
there was a mouse somewhere, but I'm not sure about that.

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