I found this section in the handbook

and it mentions a ppp.conf file like so

  set log Phase tun command # you can add more detailed logging if you wish
  set ifaddr

  set device PPPoE:xl1 # replace xl1 with your Ethernet device
  set authname YOURLOGINNAME
  set authkey YOURPASSWORD
  set dial
  set login
  add default HISADDR

I'm confused. Why would I set an ifaddr when it's a PPPoE connection? I don't
know what IP I'm going to be assigned yet. 

What is ifaddr for?

This is also surprising

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ man ppp.conf
No manual entry for ppp.conf

Seems to be in ppp(8) though. 

I'm just looking to use a PPPoE connection with my ISP. 


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