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>Subject: New freebsd logo on freebsd.org
>I guess this is the wrong list, but I just looked at freebsd.org and
>saw the new logo.  I really think it looks terrible.  Everyone that
>I've spoken to agrees.  It looks like some kind of sextoy/spacehopper,

That's what it is, don't you know?

>and not becomming to the enterprise os we know and love. 

But it's not there for YOU my boy.  You see, Beastie was getting
rather "constricted" with the disappearance of Beastieess.  He
tried screwing the Penguin last year but that was just a one night

So we gave him a sex toy so he could at least go get some relief.
Only problem is he keeps popping it.  It's some sharp tines on
the pitch fork, you know.

>Maybe it was
>the best from the competition you had, but I don't think it's good

Ask beastie, I think he's already smiling a bit wider.

>Is there somewhere this was discussed?  The new logo already
>looks last year.  Is there a plan to redesign it each year as design
>trends come and go? If you compare it to the debian, IBM, BMW,
>greenpeace, or google logos, the design relates in some way to the
>subject.  I don't see that happening here.

Well, it's kind of hard to have relations with a sex toy, but our
Beastie is pretty constricted.

>Sorry if this is too late, or an unpopular opinion, or in the wrong
>place, but I just wondered if anyone thinks the new logo is good, and
>how long it's expected to last.

I just think we need to get Beastie laid a bit more, then he won't
need it.

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