Because the time I use to manage our freebsd-servers grows and grows I
searched the net for something like devil-linux in bsd.

DevilLinux (http://www.devil-linux.org) is a nice project which makes it
easy to manage a large amount of servers. Every server boots from a
devil-linux-cd (or usb-stick, or something) and stores its config
somewhere else.

If you have to update your systems, burn the cds and change it. If
something fails, put the original-cd in, and no problem. If someone has
access to your server no binaries can be changed. The config is stored
on the usb-stick. It will be loaded into a ramdisk and then the stick is
unmounted. So you have the same config after reboot, no matter what you
change. (You can do a write-config if you want to save it).

I think it's a very nice project, but I am searching for the same in
*BSD. Is there such a project around ?

thanks, florian

florian meister

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