Robert Huff wrote:
John Cruz writes:

So I want to upgrade to 6.1, but I've never used cvsup before and all the documentation is confusing as can be.

        What particularly of cvsup do you find confusing?
        On the larger question: it /may/ be easier to do a binary
upgrade.  On the other hand, learning about the
cvsup/build{world.kernal} process will teach you new and interesting
things about FreeBSD, and make it easier to recover should something
go Horribly Wrong.

                                Robert Huff
Specifically it would be the supfile stuff, everything I've been reading says "if you put in the wrong thing here, you can screw the whole system up", and there aren't a lot of concrete examples, just stuff you can add to it. So I guess what I need is a supfile example of everything I need to upadate my kernel and library sources and what not, then I can do a make world on it later.

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