In the last episode (May 09), Mark Kent said:
> What is the canonical way to compile programs that use posix threads
> on freebsd 5.4+, with gcc?
> I've seen comments that say that -pthread, used in 4.x, should go
> away for 5.x.  But, for example, /usr/ports/security/openssl uses
> -pthread.

-pthread is still the recommended way, I think.

> And what does it mean when a program works with one thread
> library and not another?  I've got a case like this:
> chew up cpu, then SEGV
> chew up cpu, but works!
> works great!
> This is changed with libmap.conf.
> Does this point to any particular shady coding practice?

Could point to a race between two threads that is only lost when the
threads actually run on two CPUs. libc_r switches between threads on a
single processor, where libthr and libpthread allow multiple threads to
execute at once.

        Dan Nelson
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