I just looked at the new FreeBSD logo and it's an interesting abstraction of the daemon motif of the old logo. Among other things, like running two installations of FreeBSD v6, one as a production server to host my web site and the other as a desktop and development server, I do fine art and graphics. The logo has an etherial feel to it (forgive the pun). But if someone new to FreeBSD sees the logo and hasn't seen the old logo, he or she might wonder what the cone shaped designs are sticking out of the glass like ball and what they are supposed to represent. So aesthetically it's engaging but too much of an abstraction of the theme. As far as psychology goes, Apple uses the apple with a bite out of it which has a dual significance. One that invokes the idea of giving an apple to the teacher and the other is the Biblical symbol of temptation and transgression. I think that that is why Apple doesn't have a bigger market share. The FreeBSD logo pushes a similar button. The icon of the adversary. I am not offended by the new or the old logo, accept that there seems to be too much of a trend toward cartoon character art. This, I presume is to appeal to the child in us all. But seriously when do we
actually get to be grownups.
I like FreeBSD. But I wouldn't but a logo sticker on my windshield. I have used Macs from the beginning and don't have a Mac logo sticker on anything, either. I have and use Linux systems and don't particularly care for the cute little penguin either. I have seen a more mature take on the penguin emblem that I was impressed with. It was used by a L.U.G. based in Maryland or thereabouts. I would like to see a mature logo for FreeBSD.
Thanks all for being here;

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