On 5/9/06, Duane Whitty <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I've written an article trying to explain the FreeBSD version labels,
CURRENT, STABLE, and RELEASE.  This article, of course, is
aimed at newcomers to FreeBSD.

The article is here

For anyone who can time find to read it I would appreciate any
comments, feedback. constructive criticism, etc.

"Branch tag for FreeBSD 6.0
So, FreeBSD 6.0 was officially released.  At the time this happened it
was decided, after
a lot of testing and other quality control procedures, that the code
in 6-STABLE should
be turned into a release.  But since FreeBSD is a very complex piece
of software it is
inevitable that eventually a security issue would need to be addressed
or some other
critical issue would need to be fixed.  That is what this branch of
development is for.
It used as the spot in the source archive for only critical fixes and
items which address
security issues.  This model ensures that officially released FreeBSD
versions contain
only the most reliable of code while still having bugs and security
issues fixed."

What about errata fix branches, they are not limited to just critical
and security fixes?

Also update the doc, change 6.0 to 6.1.

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