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>On May 9, 2006, at 11:34 PM, Björn König wrote:
>> Lawrence Horvath schrieb:
>>> I quite like the new logo, i think the new one is far more
>>> professional then the old one, though i liked them both.
>> I would say that there isn't an old one. Beastie is a little bit
>> older than FreeBSD and I would understand it as mascot, not as a
>> logo. So the new logo is not a replacement, but rather something
>> that is missing for many years; and Beastie is still alive.
>And doesn't beastie represent the complete *BSD family, not just

No, the original BSD representation
included many devils, not looking at all like Beastie.  The famous
"classic" artwork that most of the successive representations have been
based on was the
4.3BSD daemon drawn by John Lasseter.  It also didn't hurt that John went
on to do Toy Story and so on.

Many BSD variants have used variations of the Lasseter artwork simply
because it was such a good image, it captured the essense of BSD at
the time - bursting onto the scene yet still fragile and young.

But not all BSD variants used and use Beastie.  BSDI only used him a
few times, OpenBSD uses the blowfish, not Beastie, NetBSD uses the
flag.  Although, both NetBSD and OpenBSD have used modified Beastie
images in the past.

The sad truth is that FreeBSD has really gone way downhill in the
logo department.  We traded in a logo drawn by a true professional
who is one of the famous great graphic artists of our time, for a amateur
ping-pong ball drawn by a nobody in a nickel and dime contest.


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