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>i dont mind saying that i think i must be about the only one
>who likes the
>new art.  i think its very modern looking, crisp and abreviated,
>un-childish, but at the same time not too serious or ominous.
>ive actually thought about printing out some examples of both versions,
>carrying it down to our artists in our print studio, and "taste testing"
>them with professional artists who couldnt give one care about anything
>technical.  *shrug* would be an interesting experiment, to say
>the least.

Someone already posted a professional analysis.  The summary was that
the new logo was amateurish with some serious flaws.  Amateurish because
a ball is about the easiest thing you can produce in Photoshop and very
unoriginal.  Serious flaws because due to all the shading this logo is
impossible to accurately reproduce on small items like business cards,
and on larger items the shading makes it very expensive to reproduce due
to the number of colors used.

At the end of the day you need to ask yourself, will having this logo
help FreeBSD to sell more copies?  That's the litmus test that is used
for logos - after all if it does not help market penetration, it's a big
waste of time.  The problem here is that FreeBSD is noncommercial so the
question is rather a moot issue.  In short, the Project needed a new logo
like a boar needs teats.


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