thanks for the pointer..


This happened ages ago and was announced in the news section of the

See - http://logo-contest.freebsd.org/result/

However, where were the other designs?  I think a contest was
potentially a good idea, but my suspicion is that the entries were
rather poor, and the current logo was simply the best of a bad bunch?
It seems wierd that only commiters were given a vote - while I respect
their technical judement without quarrel, geeks don't seem to have the
same grasp on aesethetics as a design agency.

Take a look at the netbsd logo if you want to see how it's done.  It
means something.  It's neat.  It represents the project.  What we (the
users) seem to have ended up with is a fussy and unelegent logo that
has nothing to do with anythin, save for a pair of post-modern ice
cream cones harking back to beastie.

The simple fact is, when you look at the new logo it only makes sense
if you previously understand what it represents.  The effect is that
it represents nothing in particular, which is why it fails so
fantasically.  What are the key values of FreeBSD?  I'd guess
something like Freedom, Stability, Robustness, quality.  Those values
are not communicated in the new logo, and I think that's something
that somebody with freebsd.org in their email address should seriously

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