The point being it was not  announced  on the questions list.
The point being the logo affects all the users just not the core

Quite trying to make a non-subject out of something that effects us
The official logo represents all of us users to the world as a

Cant you get that through your collectives heads.

How dare you be little this subject.

Maybe you are to close to the internal FreeBSD business to be able
to see
the turn meaning of what changing the logo means to the users.

Maybe now is the time to ask the list if that want to vote on
keeping the new logo? Or on if a new logo is wanted at all?

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> As a long time reader of this list I did not see any
> announcement of it here. Only after selection of the
> new logo was made was it talked about on this list.
> People were very up set with it them and the ground
> swell over this has only gotten bigger.

It was clearly announced with dates and how to make submissions
and all and then the closure of the submissions was announced.
There was a lot of griping on the list about why bother and
such, but not much real objection until the robo-beastie - or
would it be space-beastie - was chosen.

Though I am not fond of the new thing, it is not because the process
of acquiring it was not announced.   I do think there was a failure
to get better input on the candidates after submissions were made.
The process, or lack thereof, of selecting was rather lame.

> Loyal long time users are feeling insulted about being
> left out from the decision about the need for a new logo.

They were not left out, except by their own choice of not making
any submission.

> A post in the archive give some lame reasons for a new logo
> which many people disagreed with even then but still the
> new legal FreeBSD foundation went ahead any how putting it
> on the official website removing the "beastie" logo.
> I for one do not see any need to change the logo at all.
> It's just as professional as the "penguin".
> I would say special effort was made to keep this whole
> new logo thing a secret from the general user population.

Nope, it was well publicized.

> That also goes for the formation of the new legal FreeBSD
> foundation.
> Not a word of it happening on this list until it was a done deal.
> You can see from this thread just how big a stink this is making.

Many words were posted.

> Lets point the finger at the real reason for the new logo.
> As part of the new legal FreeBSD foundation, the people who
> set it up though it's better to own the complete legal rights
> to the logo. The "beastie" logo legal rights is owned by
> an individual. So being pressed for time they choose to keep it
> off the questions list and pushed it through selecting what
> ever logo they had just to meet the filing dead line for
> the new legal FreeBSD foundation formation.

Maybe, who knows.

> For those of you who think this subject is flame bait,
> Sham on you, shut your pie hole.

That was unnecessary and adds nothing to the discussion.

> I want to know the email addresses of the people in control of
> the new foundation and everyone on this list who does not like
> the new logo  and/or the way in which it was forced upon us
> should email them to voice our dissatisfaction directly to them.
> Because its obvious posting on this list has no effect or value
> in determining what happens to the legal FreeBSD organization
> and thus the logo used to represent us.

> If you want your voice in this matter to be effective you have
> to email those in legal control of the FreeBSD foundation.
> It's time they stop hiding and become accountable for
> their stupid collective actions.

Use whatever logo you want.
Give up trash talking.

> Its time the FreeBSD foundation offer an binding vote by the
> user population from all the FreeBSD lists to settle this question
> once and for all about the "beastie" logo being the
> official FreeBSD foundation logo. This even includes our brothers
> and sisters in other countries who have their own
> websites and don't even know about this logo problem yet.

There never has been a binding vote on anything outside of possibly
the core group.   Why would a dumb piece of graphics need it.
You are missing something.


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