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> Take a look at the netbsd logo if you want to see how it's done.  It
> means something.  It's neat.  It represents the project.  What we (the
> users) seem to have ended up with is a fussy and unelegent logo that
> has nothing to do with anythin, save for a pair of post-modern ice
> cream cones harking back to beastie.

My brother went to school for graphic arts.  When the contest was
announced, we spend _several_weeks_ brainstorming, he and I, trying
to come up with something that looked as cool as the NetBSD logo, while
representing FreeBSD.

We finally gave up without making a submission.  The problem is that
NetBSD (and OpenBSD as well, for that matter) somehow have more culture
to them on the graphic arts side.  NetBSD has long had the image of
daemons raising the flag (mirroring the WWII photograph) which
translated nicely into a logo.  OpenBSD has long had the Blowfish,
which can be rendered a number of interesting ways.

And FreeBSD has what?  The Beastie ... but the Beastie is *BSD in
general, so what else is there ... ?

> The simple fact is, when you look at the new logo it only makes sense
> if you previously understand what it represents.  The effect is that
> it represents nothing in particular, which is why it fails so
> fantasically.  What are the key values of FreeBSD?  I'd guess
> something like Freedom, Stability, Robustness, quality.  Those values
> are not communicated in the new logo, and I think that's something
> that somebody with freebsd.org in their email address should seriously
> address.

You're exactly right.  Somebody other than you should take care of this.
This is everyone's fault but yours.  If you'd been in the loop from the
start, this never would have happened.  My goodness, why didn't we
consult you earlier ... you obviously have all the answers.

This is free software man, if you don't like it, fix it
yourself.  If you can't fix it, _ask_ someone else, or put up some
cash to pay someone who can.  But quit whining.

You are a Troll.  If you weren't a Troll, you'd have taken this to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] or [EMAIL PROTECTED] instead of staying on this

Go use Microsoft, they pay professional graphic artists big bucks to
design their logos and their marketing materials, and you fund that
with your Windows license fees.

Or, _contribute_ something back to the wonderful free software
community other than a lengthy email thread of whining.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.
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