Thank you for making my point.
This should have been announced on all lists.
Just not the announcement list.
Changing the logo is really a big thing.

See the outcome of the short sightedness of that decision.

And why should just the core committers be
the only ones given a vote.
Most of them are too busy to even have been
aware this was happening.

Many professional logo design people never even knew about
the contest to redesign the logo because it was not posted
to the questions list where everyone reads.

What makes you think that the announcement list gets even
a fraction of the readers the questions list does.

Hell the questinos list gets enought junk post all ready,
what's the harm in posting such an inportment message to the
list to begin with, not doing so makes no sense at all.

Somebody messed up big time and now they have to deal with the
results of their stupid mistakes.

You core committer people have to break out of this
private club mentality thing you all adhere to.

The logo effects all users and as such we should have vote in the
What were you all thinking? This was a bad idea from the get go.

Just because core committer have the ability to write high level
does not give them the right to thumb your collective noses
at the rest of us users in the matter of needing a new logo.

In moving to an new legal status by forming the FreeBSD
foundation us users just look the other way just long as
the software stays free of cost and no new legal restraints
are imposed on the software use.

But changing the logo effects all users and sham on you
self righteous snobs to even think you have the right to
exclude the user community from the logo decision.

Get off your high horses and serve your users like your suppose to.

I think the new logo should be shit canned and the whole
question of replaceing the "beastie" logo brought up for
a general vote bye all members of all the Freebsd mailing lists.

Your negtave comments are foundless.
A public vote is not an logistical near-impossibility.
Hell just creating a special list to submit an email
to as your yes or not vote is a simple solution and other
solutions could be found one way or the other.

If you are insulted by my comments then I guess you
belong the self righteous snobs group and I dont care about you.

This is address the the users who like me are out raged by this.

If you dont like the new logo then lets make our combined voices
 make a differance by emailing the new foundation's forming members.

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> As a long time reader of this list I did not see any
> announcement of it here.

That's because this is the freebsd-questions list. It was
announced on the freebsd-announce list. Y'know, the one where
announcements are made...

> Only after selection of the new logo was made was it
> talked about on this list People were very up set with it
> them and the ground swell over this has only gotten bigger.

Again, this is the freebsd-questions list. I don't really think
that this is actually the most appropriate place for discussion
of such things (and therefore I should probably apologise for
contributing to this lil' thread!).

> Loyal long time users are feeling insulted about being
> left out from the decision about the need for a new logo.
> A post in the archive give some lame reasons for a new logo
> which many people disagreed with even then but still the
> new legal FreeBSD foundation went ahead any how put it
> on the official website.
> I for one do not see an need to change the logo at all.

Perhaps not, but then again, this is why there's a core team to
make decisions for the project. Granted they're not elected by
every user who's ever heard the word "FreeBSD", but I can't
even begin to imagine the logistical near-impossibility this
would be.

Committers were given the chance to vote, and voted for the new
design (again, see,
which also has a link to the archived original announcement
to freebsd-announce).

> I would say special effort was made to keep this whole
> new logo thing a secret from the general user population.

See above, it was announced very publically on the
freebsd-announce list.


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> >
> > On 5/9/06, Bill Moran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > > Then take this to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  It's just flame bait
> >
> > I don't want a chat, I want to know where I can find out how we
> ended
> > up with such a terrible logo.  It seems people think it's a big
> joke?
> > The new logo already looks dated, and will only get worse with
> time.
> >
> This happened ages ago and was announced in the news section of
> website
> See -
> John
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