> Ted

The most interesting time I've had with beastie was setting up servers and
website for a Baptist org here in Alaska. I put beastie on the site
it would never be approved. They were seeking donations and were very
sensitive about the site's image. Not only did the clergy approve the site
with the "powered by" logo, they thought beastie was "cute".

Well, as we're  on a religious theme, Thank God for common sense. How many
religious people worldwide even HAVE devils in their religion, I wonder.

Even after several irate emails about displaying the "devil" on a church
the logo remained. It was decided that several narrow minded people did
warrant removing it. I didn't even have to explain what a daemon is.

Again, amen. Do we really want narrow-minded people in our community? Does

Several months later the site won an award at one of their national
conventions. The plaque featured a screen shot of the front page complete
with beastie!

That's devilishly good news,

If people are refraining from using FreeBSD because of beastie (which I
believe), they really need to just grow up.

Hear, hear

If the Baptists don't have any
problem with him, I can't imagine anyone else objecting.

I can, but  then as you say, they need to grow up.

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