fbsd wrote:
The point being it was not  announced  on the questions list.

Non-technical announcements are not in the questions@ charter.

The point being the logo affects all the users just not the core

And it affects you in exactly the same way as thousands of other choices made by core without your explicit involvement or approval. Love the new feature and use it, or, don't use it. It's real simple.

Why don't the complainers on this subject seem to understand that they are in no way compelled to adopt, deploy, endorse or enjoy the project logo? Use Beastie if you like, there is absolutely no one telling you that you can't (except, um, its copyright holder).

Quite trying to make a non-subject out of something that effects us

Quit using question@ as a beauty contest / "user rights" forum, please. It *is* far OT, especially since there are other forums specifically for such subject matter.

The logo issue is a horse that has been solidly beaten to death, raised as a zombie, chased with torches and pitchforks, burnt to crispiness, buried and then (surprise!) brought to life again this week for another 1,001 rounds of beating and flaming. Tiresome, really.

No one is belittling the subject, only pointing out that it's both OT and done with. The appearance of the logo on the Web site is not a beginning, it's a finality. If you want to hack and burn the undead, go play Oblivion. ;)

Maybe now is the time to ask the list if that want to vote on
keeping the new logo? Or on if a new logo is wanted at all?

Wrong forum, years too late.

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