On Wed, May 10, 2006 at 02:54:39PM +0200, Valerio daelli wrote:
> Hi all
> we have a FreeBSD 5.4 exporting some NFS filesystem to a cluster of gentoo 
> boxes
> (kernel 2.6.12).
> Our exported storage disk is an Apple XRaid.
> We have Gigabit Ethernet both on the client and the server.
> We would like to improve our read performance.
> This is our performance:
> about 10Mb reading a file of 1Gb with dd
> and iozone confirms this result.
> We already use the normal optimization flags (we use rpc.lockd and
> rpc.statd, on the client we have
> read size 65536 and a read ahead of 4 blocks, the async options).
> Is our performance the best we can get? Can we improve it?

"5.4" and "filesystem performance" cannot be said together in the same
sentence.  Upgrade to 6.1.


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