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>> i dont mind saying that i think i must be about the only one
>> who likes the
>> new art.  i think its very modern looking, crisp and abreviated,
>> un-childish, but at the same time not too serious or ominous.
>> ive actually thought about printing out some examples of both versions,
>> carrying it down to our artists in our print studio, and "taste testing"
>> them with professional artists who couldnt give one care about anything
>> technical.  *shrug* would be an interesting experiment, to say
>> the least.
> Someone already posted a professional analysis.  The summary was that
> the new logo was amateurish with some serious flaws.  Amateurish because
> a ball is about the easiest thing you can produce in Photoshop and very
> unoriginal.  Serious flaws because due to all the shading this logo is
> impossible to accurately reproduce on small items like business cards,
> and on larger items the shading makes it very expensive to reproduce due
> to the number of colors used.

In fact, there are reduced colour versions for exactly that reason.  Since
you didn't bother to look for them, I guess this isn't the real issue for
you, though.

That must be wonderful!  I don't understand it at all.
                                      -- Moliere

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