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> This has gone too far. Searching shows that the FreeBSD questions list
> had mention of this over a year ago.
> http://lists.freebsd.org/mailman/htdig/freebsd-questions/2005-February/076063.
> html
> To be blunt about it, you and everyone else had their chance. My wife, a
> designer, knew FreeBSD had a logo contest and she wouldn't know FreeBSD
> from a martian if it were not for my T-shirt.
> Anyone could have contributed. But like beta testing, most simply
> ignored the request to participate, preferring to wait until someone
> else did the hard work and made the tough decisions, then chose to bitch
> when the result was not want they wanted. It's apathy. Yea, I'm more
> than annoyed and this has been a long time coming.
> How many people actually keep a development server running just to help
> open source developers test patches or updates, even when those patches
> and updates do not affect them?
> How many donate to the souls who write the tools we use every day? Or do
> they just read the maillists when they need help, never offering to help
> others, and then get an attitude when the help they request doesn't
> arrive? A lot.
> I constantly dog my employers to donate, let me have work time to help
> out on lists, purchase the books (Mailscanner and Rails) that help the
> developers, keep a development box for testing. They complain even
> though they could not compete in the market place had they been required
> to purchase licenses for all the software they use.
> The Internet is the industry that open source built, and it has created
> a society of hand out junkies who think they should get everything their
> way, for free, right now.
> This job isn't fun anymore.

Hear, hear.

That must be wonderful!  I don't understand it at all.
                                      -- Moliere

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