> > Since we're talking about logos: when will the next time window
> > open for a new try? I humbly suggest using 'FreeBSD' (the text,

Good idea. The word "FreeBSD" as it stood at the top of the
freebsd.orgmainpage the day before the release of
6.1-RELEASE was nice.

> There were tens of submissions that just had the word 'FreeBSD'.

Ah, good to know. Thank you.

>  The word
> 'FreeBSD' isn't a logo, or they looked crappy, so they lost.

What about 'SONY' or 'IBM'? They are logos too. Granted, not as
long as 'FreeBSD', but a word doesn't disqualify as a logo just
because it's a word.

"Technics" is even longer. "Daewoo" and "Sanyo" are shorter, but foreign to
all but the Koreans (in the first case) and the Japanese (in the second)

Plus, the Koreans and the Japanese don't write in the Roman alphabet
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