Hello Gurus....

I think you might help me....

I want to run a webserver which will be having a good traffic.

At present, I have a 100/10 Mbps internet connection
(fiber-optics) but with this connection I cannot get Fixed IP for the

To get the Fixed-IP, I am getting a 24/1 Mbps internet line through
Telephone line. But I am just in doubt that my webserver might not be able
to server the documents with good serving speed due to 1 Mbps upstream...

So, I came to an idea that if I use two NICs, one NIC bounded to 100/10
Mbps to serve the pages and one which would be bound with 24/1 Mbps
connection with Fixed-IP to litsen the requests....

my Question is that is it possible and if so, how?

I am planning to install FreeBSD as a OS.

Thanks.... VJ
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