Kevin Kinsey wrote:
> GiL A. Virtucio wrote:
>> Hi, I have a mounted an NTFS partition that is set as "rw" in fstab. I
>> can
>> read the data stored  in the drive but I cannot store new files on that
>> drive. Anybody here encountered this before? Or can anybody please
>> suggest a way to make that drive writable?
> Yes; I imagine that *everybody* who has tried this has encountered
> this (or something similar) before...
> If you RTF(riendly ;-)M, you'll see this:
> ----------------------------------
>      There is limited writing ability.  Limitations:
> file must be nonresident and must not contain any sparces
> (uninitialized areas); compressed files are also not supported.
> The file name must not contain multibyte characters.
> ----------------------------------
> A port exists (ntfsprogs) that *might* write NTFS a
> tad better, but I'm not sure that it's at all guaranteed.
> I'm certainly not going to do so ;-)
> IIRC, when you look up "proprietary" at Wikipedia, NTFS
> is a synonym. :-D
> Kevin Kinsey

quite interesting..

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