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> >These are indeed all perfectly valid questions. What I was trying to
> >express is that the askers really don't seem to be accepting (or
> >even seeing) the perfectly valid answers:
> >
> >* See the archives where this was beaten to death multiple times.
> >* The best place to pursue such matters is in those forums chartered
> >for PR and general chatter.
> >
> >To those taking affront at such answers, no one is saying "oh, fork
> >you!" in some intentionally rude or belittling way (at least, I'm
> >not), they're saying forking (process-wise) to the appropriate forum
> >is the logical thing to do.
> I take affront to such answers because of the simple fact that it's
> obvious that your perfectly valid answer isn't a real answer.  A real
> answer would be something that would get rid of this continual
> resurgence of this discussion.
> Based on responses I'd estimate about 60% of FBSD users didn't want
> the logo changed before the contest.
> Based on responses post-contest results, I think about 90% of users hate
> the new logo.  Now, the folks that didn't want the logo changed, well you
> can assume most
> of them aren't going to like the new logo.  But it's pretty clear that
> quite a large number of the "lets change the logo" proponents don't
> like what they got.
> Thus, the alleged "problem" of Beastie being used as the logo, wasn't
> solved.  No amount of referring people to other lists is going to
> satify anyone - because it's still a problem.
> When FreeBSD changed to CAM and broke support for the Adaptec 1520
> SCSI card, tons of people complained on this forum, and many other
> in-appropriate forums.  This continued despite repeated statements from
> the developers in charge of such things that the Adaptec 1520 chipset
> is terrible, find another one, etc. etc.  Finally someone wrote the
> driver and the complaints went away - because the real answer had
> happened.
> If core simply cannot tolerate Beastie as the logo, so they simply
> have to have something else, then the only real answer is to ditch the
> sex toy and draw another "new" logo to replace it.  Hell, commercial
> companies do this all the time.
> That would be the logical response.  But, core won't do it because
> egos are involved here, and to do this would be an open admission
> that they fucked up.
> Seems to be that the core developers have no problem admitting when
> they have fucked up some technical decision about how FreeBSD is
> structured internally.  But, when it comes to something like a poor
> result of a silly contest, they are unable to grok that.  Very very
> strange.
> Ted

You were right about the printing. I had to get something from the printer 
this afternoon, so I printed out a copy of the new logo and took it with me.
I ask them how much for 1K CD case inserts. They said it would have to be done 
4 color and they would be .30 - .40 ea with setup. And that's not even 
including the CD labels themselves. I've had full color brochures printed for 
not much more than that. I didn't even bother asking about server stickers.



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