Bryan Curl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I humbly apologize if this is a repost. Googles Gmail has been very 
> unpredictable lately, so in frustration I am resending this from my ol' 
> faithful ISP mailbox since last nights post never seemed to make it to 
> the list.
> I am upgrading from 6.1_RC (something like that) to 6.1_RELEASE using 
> CVSUp &  RELENG_6.1 tag
> After make installworld I ran the final run through of mergemaster and 
> received this error:
> FATAL ERROR: Cannot 'dc' into /usr/src/etc/ and install files to the 
> temproot environment.
> Cant say how far it got before this error but it looked like it was 
> going along pretty good.
> Upon reboot there were at least one system files missing, like hosts. 
> I'm not sure if other files failed to copy on as well.
> I was in single user mode and did the fsck and mounts as described in 
> the manual. I chmod 777 on that directory but that did not help.
> Also noticed samba did not start from rc.conf although it loads and runs 
> from the prompt. But these may or may not  be a symptom of the error.
> Should I be concerned about this? How I fix and move on?

Sounds like you had disk problems of some sort; do you remember when
and what?

Try running "mergemaster -av" and see if it gives you more of a clue.
If you don't understand the output, we'll take a look at it; I don't
think I have enough information to diagnose your issues now.
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