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> >> hi,
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> >> On 5/9/06, Bill Moran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> >>> Then take this to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  It's just flame bait here.
> >> I don't want a chat, I want to know where I can find out how we ended
> >> up with such a terrible logo.  It seems people think it's a big joke? 
> >> The new logo already looks dated, and will only get worse with time.
> >>
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> > This happened ages ago and was announced in the news section of the 
> > website
> > 
> > See - http://logo-contest.freebsd.org/result/
> > 
> > John
> it was only announced after the selection was over. freebsd users were
> not involved. this is not right. :-(

that is not true.
The intent to change the logo - or create one - was announced and a
"contest" for choosing a logo was announced and entries were solicited
well before the choice of logo was done.

> also, the other entries were not published. so we can't really compare.

That is true and I think that may have been a poor choice but it probably
would have resulted in even more noise on the lists rather than less.

> it seems like the whole thing was intended to be quiet and public was
> just left out of the process.

Not completely left out, but less involved than might be ideal.

I just wish the FreeBSD community had more ability to create meaningful
logos.   Their talents seem to all lie in the area of creating and
managing software systems...

By the way, here where I work,  they made a big fuss and came up with
a new 'logo' that we are required to have on our cards and such and
it is totally meaningless and unrelated to what our department is
or does.  It is, at least a little bit artsey and attractice, but
I think this logo problem is endemic in the field.


> martin
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