im scratching my head here, and kicking myself for not already having a better 
understanding about how things work during compile (i have 0% skill in any 
programming language... except *basic*html... which dont consider worthy of 
being called a skill *wink*)

my production system, was recently reinstalled as 6.0-RELEASE, and cvsup'd to 
6.1-RC (about 1 week or so before 6.1-RELEASE came out).  from ports, i 
installed apache 2.0 just fine, then php5 and php5-extensions, the same way i 
always do.  i even have my own documentation for the exact order i compile 
each port on every production and development system i build.  the php5 
version listed in pkg_info on my production server says php5-5.1.2_1. 

now, my problem:
i have a development system that i installed as 6.0-RELEASE, and cvsup'd to 
6.1-STABLE.  exact same port installation order, apache 2.0, then php5, then 
php5-extensions.  the php5 version listed in pkg_info now says php5-5.1.4, 
and after compiling both ports, the line does not appear in 
httpd.conf, and cannot be found on the system (on my production 
system, both the actual file in /usr/libexec/apache2 and the line in 
httpd.conf appeared automatically).

i cannot understand where i am going wrong here, can someone shed some light 
for me?

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